Types of injuries

Neck injury

Whiplash and other neck injuries, the most common of them all is whiplash it is mainly caused from traffic accidents, neck injuries can even happen with out been in an accident.

Types of injuries They include

  • fracture
  • neck pain
  • muscle ache

Head injury

Head injury, head injuries can be severe and can often symptoms show up slowly, these injuries can be as follows below.

  • bleeding in the brain
  • coma
  • paralysis
  • speech problems

Back injury

back injuries, once you damage your back and not get it seen too straight away, you will feel in later years, thats why back injuries are series.

  • chronic back ache
  • slip disc
  • difficulty bend over and walking

so with back injuries if not sorted properly you will suffer the consequences.

Arm injury

Arm injuries, a lot of personal injuries are from arm injuries that are from work related injuries and road traffic injuries, weather its a broken arm, pulled tendons or muscle strain.

Arm injuries are as follows below.

  • fracture
  • pain
  • muscle pain
  • stiffness
  • loss of function

A lot of theseTypes of injuries would either happen in the workplace or in a road traffic accident, so if any of these injuries happen to you , injuries claims dublin is on hand to help you claim for your injury.

Back , head injuries are the most series of them all if not treated properly these can have a series effect on you, from a back injury you might not be able to work again it can reduce your movements, and for head injuries this could lead to paralysis or coma.



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